INTERim Operating Partners



In times of great change, management teams seldom remain static. DPO&Co is capable of facilitating the transition of C-Suite executives and upper management so full-time staff can hit the ground running. DPO&Co has served as an interim operating partner for organizations by documenting previous standard operating procedures, improving  and executing them, and on-boarding newly selected candidates into their roles.  


 6-Week Project: CEO and GM of a PE Portco departed during turbulent times. During the full-time replacement process, DPO&Co supported a turnaround of HR, operations, and maintenance, driving $11M+ EBITDA 


  • Client was a $300M PE platform company that acquired a $100M bolt-on manufacturer of food ingredients and aseptic packaging beverages
  • Both the CEO ad General Manager of the bolt on left the organization 
  • Client re-engaged DPO&Co after the initial project, which focused on Activity Based Costing (ABC) Model and operational Value at Stake (VAS) levers (worth $30M)
  • Client’s EBITDA numbers were declining due to poor production performance, which was amplified by producing unprofitable SKUs and other maintenance issues
  • DPO&Co team was tasked to drive a holistic turnaround consisting of :

  1. ABC model implementation to support pricing negotiation
  2. HR improvement for employee engagement
  3. Operational VAS implementation to increase EBITDA impact
  4. Maintenance root cause analysis to reduce production downtime


  • Interviewed 10+ stakeholders and production staff to capture changes since previous project and 10+ production staff to capture HR survey
  • Collaborated with HR & production leads to benchmark salary & performance best practices and design events and KPIs to improve employee engagement
  • Collaborated with client team to push Value at Stake initiatives, find and negotiate with suppliers, and secure financing
  • Reduced overpriced outsourced activities (e.g. trucking & storage)
  • Invested on processes to reduce waste (e.g. flow maters & pail filler)
  • Implemented new pricing for specific packaging and storage costs
  • Addressed maintenance root cause analysis by installing cameras for two production plants and warehouses and developing a standard operating model to capture downtime, planning deviation and potential EBITDA impact

Impact and Results

  • Provided visibility to C-suite on the major factors of declining EBITDA & required action plans / solutions to turning those around
  • HR employee engagement – potential $9M EBITDA
  • Aligned KPI with production output
  • Benchmarked salary against market
  • Designed performance evaluation and clear career progression plans
  • Implemented hard and soft benefits, e.g. employee of month parking, hard-cash bonus
  • Drove VAS implementation by securing $0.6M capital expenses with $2.5M EBITDA impact
  • Set up structure and cadence for client team to continue momentum for other low impact VAS with longer execution time
  • Maintenance root cause analysis
  • Identified $20M+ EBITDA future opportunity by reducing unplanned time which was ~15% total hours
  • Trained client team on the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for using the camera and excel model for continuous improvement initiatives