Transportation & Logistics



No matter how complex or simple the business, few client networks are easy to manage. DPO&Co has worked across industries to develop strong fact bases and meaningful insights that inform warehousing decisions and solve logistical challenges. We help clients balance the trade-off between bulk pricing / fewer stock-outs and JIT inventory / Improved working capital. We also have deep experience collaborating with 3PLs to manage client truckload ordering behaviors, contract pricing, service quality, key performance indicators and more. As a result, our clients receive better service and spend more time growing and managing other aspects of their business.


16-week project: Supported a chemical company to perform a logistics assessment and identified 15% cost reduction opportunity  


  • Client has manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in more than 50 locations
  • Management was faced with multiple challenges including logistics management efficiency, lack of governance in business processes and undefined organizational authority in decision making process  


  • Reviewed current cost across various modes, lanes and regional levels to identify any potential cost optimization internally
  • Launched RFI to conduct external cost benchmarking
  • Conducted multiple interviews during the assessment to find any process improvements opportunity Develop short and long term implementation roadmap to both immediate benefits and policy / governance to ensure cost sustainability 

Impact and Results

  • Unlocked 15% cost savings opportunity by reallocating lanes and modes to more competitive supply base and allocation / load optimization
  • Rolled out communications and new process to instill better governance in the organization 
  • Identified a suitable TMS (Transportation Management Systems) and piloted logistics planning to improve logistics management efficiency